Wage & Hour Compliance

Zucker Hatfield offers the following:
  • Benefits analysis, design, and administration. An evaluation of current benefits and practices is conducted and recommendations for areas of change and/or enhancement are made.
  • Job evaluations, job grade design/development, and job descriptions including Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other regulatory bodies’ requirements to ensure compliance and certification, as needed, as well as assistance with internal equity balance. ZH also audits job title congruence with actual job content, and uniformity and logic in the organization’s titling system.
  • Salary and benefit survey design and analysis. This can be done in a variety of ways from a formal company-wide or multiple company level with published results, to an ad-hoc telephone survey.
Performance management systems, pay-for-performance and alternative reward systems. Because the labor market is always changing and a new generation of employees is entering the workforce with a completely different set of motivators, incentives and work styles, we can help companies to design systems to select, recruit and retain their human resources and still watch the bottom line.