Reviewing Severance, Separation and Release Agreements

In this era of corporate reorganizations, Managers and other professionals often face the prospect of unemployment for the first time in many years. If your employer initiates the termination and is paying you any amount of severance or termination pay, your employer is very likely to want you to sign a release agreement. We can help you navigate through the technical legal terminology and explain your rights. We can help you to evaluate whether you have any claims worth pursuing so you can decide if you should accept your employer’s severance proposal. We can negotiate or help you to negotiate improved or additional terms and make suggestions on how you might achieve the terms you desire.

Whether the agreement represents an ending or a new beginning to your current employment, we have the experience and know how to help you get the best deal you can get. We cannot guarantee a particular result, but our reputation and experience supports our abilities. Call us and let us help you.