Negotiating Employment Agreements for Executives, Brokers and Physicians

Moving into a new position or out of an old one can be quite stressful and at ZH, we are experienced in helping executives at both ends of the spectrum.

Whether you’re going into a new employer, accepting a promotion in your current organization, or just getting a contract renewal, we can help.  We regularly review employment agreements for executives and professionals working in industries such as banking and finance, insurance, pharmaceuticals, technology, healthcare, engineering, consulting, sports and entertainment, real estate, not-for-profits, and many others.  We will review the agreement, help you understand the terms, and make suggestions for additional or alternate terms.  We can negotiate on your behalf or provide guidance, proposed language and negotiating strategies from behind the scenes, if you prefer to negotiate for yourself.

Whether you have been downsized through a corporate reorganization or are leaving a job for any reason, if your employer is paying any amount of severance or termination pay, they will want you to sign a release.  We can help you navigate through the technical legal terminology and explain your rights.  We can help you evaluate whether you have any claims worth pursuing, if you should accept your employer’s severance proposal or negotiate for improved terms.  We can negotiate on your behalf or help you to negotiate better or different terms, and will offer suggestions on how you might achieve the terms you desire.

Whether the agreement represents an ending or a new beginning to your current employment, we have the experience and know-how to help you obtain the best deal possible.  We cannot guarantee a result, but our reputation supports our abilities.  Call us and let us help you.