Human Resources Audits

ZH’s employment audits assist employers in uncovering and eliminating problems and deficiencies, improving performance, and conforming to state and federal legal requirements.

The following is an overview of how the audit is conducted and the types of issues that typically are covered. Using this general framework, we customize each audit based on each individual client's specific needs and reporting requirements.

The Audit Process
  1. We start by meeting with senior management and human resources staff to identify the scope of the audit both as to subject matter and likely sources of documents and information. At this meeting, we also will pinpoint specific concerns or requests and identify the best method for documenting and reporting the audit results.
  2. Next we will conduct a comprehensive review of relevant documentation, such as employment handbooks, memos, policies, procedure manuals, and employee files. This allows us to identify intended practices, areas for improvement, and potential problems.
  3. Next we will speak with management and HR personnel to gather information as to actual practices and reveal inconsistencies with written intentions and actual practice. When necessary and appropriate (and with management approval) we will interview line employees to obtain an alternative perspective as to actual practices. As part of the overall assessment, we prefer to tour the facility to better understand your business operations and to examine the evidence presented by the physical environment.
  4. After gathering all relevant information, we will conduct a comprehensive review and analysis incorporating specific company information, industry standards, and state and federal statutory, regulatory and common law requirements. We will prepare and present a comprehensive audit report in accordance with the specifications requested in the initial consultation, including specific recommendations based on results. We also will meet with senior management and/or human resources staff to review the report, answer questions, and discuss how to address and correct the issues revealed by the audit.
Issues Addressed in the Audit

The following is an alphabetical listing of some of the issues that may be covered in an audit, although ZH will customize its process and scope based on the particular needs of your organization:
  • Affirmative Action
  • Confidentiality & Non-competition
  • Corporate Governance and Business Ethics
  • Documentation – Discipline and Discharge, and Performance Reviews
  • Equal Employment and Workplace Harassment Complaint Procedures
  • Leaves of Absence, including FMLA and State leave laws
  • Privacy Issues
  • Program Administration
  • Recruitment and selection, Hiring & Promotions, including I-9 forms
  • Substance Abuse Testing
  • Training
  • Wage and Hour, including compliance with state and federal requirements and record-keeping
  • Written Policies and Procedures