Disability, Medical Leaves, and Reasonable Accommodation for Supervisors & Managers

ZH provides effective and dynamic employee relations and management training. ZH works with both large and small employers in all industries in the private, public, and non-for-profit sectors, and provides programs that are informative, educational, interactive, and fun.

The law demands that employers provide supervisors and employees with training in areas such as workplace and sexual harassment and non-discrimination, workplace safety, and violence in the workplace. The consequences of failing to train employees on these topics range from loss of or debarment and liability damages from applicants and employees. Further, government agencies such as, the EEOC, OSHA, and the OFCCP often mandate training as a component of resolving charges with employers. ZH’s training not only satisfies requirements to avoid liabilities, but also, helps employees and supervisors understand the significance of their words and actions, and learn varied methods to approaching workplace situations, thereby reducing or eliminating potential liability.


We customize our training courses and presentations to fit an organization's culture and environment by working with the employer to identify the target population and relevant performance goals and measurements. All courses are tailored to fit the learners’ business environment, whether it is public or private sector, for-profit or not-for-profit, blue collar, white collar, professional, management, non-management. ZH understands the importance of managerial buy-in and investment, so we will work with you to implement a training program that meets your content, scheduling and other needs. ZH structures training programs for extensive participant involvement by encouraging questions and offering interactive scenarios to apply lessons taught.  


ZH offers courses covering any or all of the following topics, which clients can mix and match depending on time, interest, and depth of information.

Workplace Harassment:  For Supervisors, Managers, Human Resources, and Executives:

A comprehensive review of what sexual and other forms of workplace harassment are, and what they are NOT, and why they are such a serious issue for organizations, organization policy, legal liabilities and defenses, and management concerns.  We cover how to address harassment complaints if they arise, management’s responsibilities in harassment investigations, corrective action, and the cost of harassment claims.  Special emphasis is placed on confidentiality, non-retaliation, and how to prevent harassment from happening in your organization.  We incorporate each organization’s workplace harassment policy into each ZH presentation. 

Workplace Harassment:  For Employees:

This is a more streamlined version of the supervisory training, which covers what is and is not appropriate behavior, what is and what is not sexual and workplace harassment, how not to be a harasser, how not to be a victim, and what to do if harassing behavior occurs (ask the harasser to stop and/or follow organization complaint procedure). We integrate the organization’s workplace harassment policy, and encourage internal resolution of complaints (not outside law suits or administrating investigations). 

Investigating Employee Complaints: For Human Resources Professionals and Senior Managers:

This course teaches the investigators and their bosses how to conduct employee complaint investigations, including issues such as when investigations are required or helpful, who should conduct them, how to ask questions, how to evaluate outcomes, privacy issues, avoiding defamation, reaching conclusions and writing an investigation report.  Attendees engage in a comprehensive study of the subject matters underlying the need for investigations, such as workplace and sexual harassment, discrimination, and other misconduct, as necessary.

One-on-One Sensitivity Training: All levels of employees:

A key component of an effective resolution of harassment, discrimination, and other complaints is one-on-one sensitivity training for the offending party. The ability of a trainer, knowledgeable in employment law and employee relations issues, to work individually with a problem employee, can effectively correct behavior, avoid future problems, and bolster an employer’s defense if the complaint escalates to a charge or lawsuit. The "safe" one-on-one environment encourages the employee to discuss issues with the trainer that he/she might never address in front of co-workers or superiors. If behavior does not warrant termination but does warrant discipline, an employer should seriously consider implementing this type of training.

Topics ZH frequently covers in one-on-one sessions:
  • Workplace Harassment (sexual, racial, religious, age, disability, etc.)
  • Employment Discrimination
  • Diversity issues (particularly race and gender)
  • Effective communication
  • Anger management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Management skills
  • Teambuilding
  • Many others, as warranted by the individual trainee’s needs
In addition, ZH always works with the trainee to complete a comprehensive self-analysis and development plan, with time-specific self “contracts.” An employer may choose to include these commitments as action items in the employee’s goals and objectives for the next performance review period. Ongoing coaching and counseling with ZH is an additional available option to address the behavior of “problem” employees.

At the conclusion of training, ZH can provide the employer with a letter summarizing the presentation and the trainee's responsiveness. This letter may serve as proof that the employer took serious action to address an identified personnel issue.

Preventing and Addressing Workplace Discrimination: For Human Resources, Supervisors, Managers, Executives:

Participants are provided a thorough education about unlawful discrimination on the basis of race, religion, national origin, gender (including sexual harassment), pregnancy, age, disability, and state/local-protected categories. Includes a look at some lesser-known categories of discrimination including family and medical leave, and workers’ compensation, and care-giver status, as well as other areas that are not illegal, but yet inadvisable in the workplace. Participants examine issues of liability, defense, prevention, and appropriate handling of complaints and investigations.

Interviewing, Selection and Hiring:  For Supervisors, Managers, Human Resources, and Executives:

Participants learn about interviewing skills, including what types of questions are lawful and what subjects must be avoided as well as the significance of body language and non-verbal signals. Participants also will learn how to create job descriptions and why they are necessary, methods of recruiting, how to draft job applications and handle job offers, checking backgrounds and references, how to avoid discrimination claims in selecting employees, and affirmative action policies.

Employee Privacy Issues:  For Supervisors, Managers, and Human Resources Professionals:

Participants examine the privacy rights of employees in the workplace, particularly in relation to workspace (desks and lockers), e-mail, voice mail, and Internet usage, audio and video surveillance, and drug and alcohol testing.

Attendance and Leaves of Absence:  For Supervisors, Managers, Human Resources Professionals, and Executives:

Participants learn how effectively to manage employee attendance and tardiness issues, and employee rights and requirements for leaves of absence under the Family and Medical Leave Act (and states statutes like the New Jersey Family Leave Act and Paid Family Leave Insurance), workers’ compensation laws, and the Americans with Disabilities Act, and comparable state statutes.

Wage & Hour and Unemployment Issues: Supervisors, Managers, Human Resources Professionals, and Executives:

Participants review federal and state requirements regarding wage and hour laws, including exempt and non-exempt status and overtime eligibility, record-keeping and documentation. The course also covers issues related to unemployment compensation, immigration, temporary disability insurance, and wage and hour audits.