Commercial Litigation

All companies sign contracts as part of basic business operations.  Businesses of any size, including one-person operations, should not rely on oral agreements.  Businesses and individuals should put all agreements into writing. 

Whether you receive a contract from a customer, vendor or want to create new contracts or update existing forms, the attorneys of ZH can help.  We can review proposed agreements to explain your rights and obligations, and can suggest alternative language and strategies to negotiate for better terms.  In drafting agreements, we also strive to make the language easily understood, not just by lawyers, but by the business people who will be implementing or administering that agreement. 

As part of our commercial litigation practice, we also help individuals and organizations to residue contractual disputes.  At ZH, our first question is always whether negotiation is an option to achieve our client’s objectives without having to invest the time and money in litigation. 

At ZH, we also have experience with alternative means of resolving disputes, including mediation and arbitration.  Nevertheless, if the dispute must be litigated, we are ready for the fight.  We will work aggressively and tenaciously to prosecute or defend our clients’ position and to resolve their case effectively.